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AC Clamp meter
AC 1000A TRMS Clamp on power meter
Model:CHY 9106
Power measure of Active power (KW), Reactive power (KVAR),
Apparent power (KVA), Power Factor (PF)
PF (cosØ), for 3Ø4W, 3Ø3W, 1Ø2W, 1Ø3W.
Triple display: KW+V+A easy to read.
Recorded each wire parameters of V, A, KW, KVA, KVAR, PF, Hz,
total 25 parameters.
AC current up to 1000A, AC voltage up to 600V.
INRUSH (100mS), HOLD and PEAK functions.
MAX and MIN recorded functions.
MAX. Cable size: Ø34mm.
Auto power off (10 mins), Black-light.
EN61010-1, 600V CAT IV, 1000V CAT III.
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