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8XX series
Multilogger thermometer
Model:CHY 806A/ 806AW
W- Wireless.
USB Port provides excellent user interface.
DC 12V adapter.
Basic accuracy: 0.05%.
Dual inputs with K/J/E/T/R/S/N thermocouple.
Triple display with set-table backlight.
Real time clock and calendar.
Data logger capacity:
Save data: 256 samples with real-time data.
Data logger: 16 sets, Max 16000 data capacity.
Easy read data with uP/down keys.
Selectable Auto Power Off function.
Warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting.
Max/Min/AVG/REL/HOLD function.
MAIN display for T1/T2.
SECOND display for T1/T2.
THIRD display for T1-T2, with real time clock and calendar.
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