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Company Profile

CHY Firemate Co., Ltd. was established by Chen, Huang, and Yeh in 1984. We started manufacturing refillable lighters, and over the years became a designer and manufacturer of professional measuring instruments.

CHY products have been sold by international brands, and the excellent quality has been recognized all over the world.

Our outstanding design team may customize products to fulfill the specific requirements of different customers who need certain applications. With decades of experience in manufacturing, we always look out for improvements in efficiency to both lower cost and deliver in a timely fashion.

Our company policy is to share profits with partners, which include shareholders, clients, employees, and suppliers. CHY is a remarkable family bonded by these partners.

"Quality up; Cost down; On time" is the promise we make to customers. Yes, we can make it!

Established: October 8, 1984
NT$300 millions (approx USD 10.8 millions)
Plant Area: 5200 ㎡
ISO 9001 Certified: May 18, 1999

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